Nationwide Shipping


How are the cookies packaged for shipping?

After being baked, each cookie is individually packaged in plastic and labeled, ensuring freshness.
The cookies are then placed in a clear box. That box is then placed in a larger shipping box filled with shock-absorbing insulated bubble wrap and sealed shut to ensure minimal damage during transit.

Placing a shipping order on the phone?

Unfortunately, our staff can't place an order for you over the phone. We encourage our customers to go through our online ordering system to place shipping orders to avoid any complications in the ordering process.

Will my cookies arrive fresh?

After baking your cookies to order, they will be individually wrapped ensuring freshness after arrival for up to a week and a half to two weeks depending on weather, storage, and flavor. For optimum taste, we recommend having them ASAP. It is also common for cookies to be stored in a freezer while wrapped for increased shelf life.

How to freeze cookies well?

As a matter, of fact cookies freeze very well for up to 2 months. We recommend individually wrapping them in plastic wrap or keeping them in a plastic packaging we use for shipping.

Bonus Tip: let them thaw in room temperature for half an hour and microwave them for about 15secs for the warm cookie.