AC's ingredient's Story 4 - White Chocolate

AC's ingredient's Story 4 - White Chocolate

AC's ingredient's Story 4 - White Chocolate

White Chocolate, An Elegant and Subtle Delight!

The queen of chocolates is the very definition of refinement. 

Milk chocolate is certainly the odd one in the family. While dark and milk chocolates rely on cacao solids for flavor and bitterness, white chocolate expresses itself through cocoa butter.

Sugar, milk, and cocoa butter come together to create the ivory white sweet treat evocative of the most refined sweet treats in the world. White chocolate is just fancy! 

The Swiss company Nestlé created white chocolate in 1936, and it’s now one more color in the baker’s palette, with which Absolut cookies make fantastic delicacies. Some people prefer dark chocolate and others are big fans of milk chocolate, but no one says no to white chocolate — cacao in its purest form. It’s hard not to love!

White chocolate is nicely compatible with nuts and berries, so it has astounding versatility in the kitchen, especially in the baking department if you know what we mean. If you want to see white chocolate in action, try Absolut Berry White cookies. A chewy combination of milky, creamy white chocolate and ripe blueberries, and get ready to be swooned off your feet! Because these are the type of cookies you want to repeat.

Learn all there is about your favorite cookie ingredients in our other posts, and if you’re in for some white chocolate cookies, find the right cookie set for you on our store!


Absolut Cookies use Callebaut White Chocolate.