AC's Ingredients story 2 - "Dark Chocolate"

AC's Ingredients story 2 - "Dark Chocolate"

AC's Ingredients story 2 - "Dark Chocolate"

Dark Chocolate, Quite a Bittersweet Symphony

Beautifully balanced between creamy sweetness and bitterness.

Chocolate is the best thing that could ever happen to the world. It’s that big of a deal! Cacao beans are native to Mexico and Central America, and in the right hands, the bitter, dark seeds become a wide variety of chocolates — the source of the creamiest sweets and cookies.

At Absolut Cookies, we love dark chocolate. Its pronounced bitterness, caused by higher amounts of cacao nibs in the mixture, gives a luxurious feel to any baking treat.

Chocolate makers can produce dark chocolate with up to 70% - 95% cocoa solids, making the chocolate quite bitter. Still, sweetness contrasts bitterness, so when done right, dark chocolate is beautifully balanced.

Did you know dark chocolate is healthier than other types of chocolate? The more cacao beans used, the more antioxidants in the mixture, and you’ve undoubtedly heard about the anti-aging and heart-protecting compounds, right?

It is true that not everyone likes dark chocolate’s mouthfeel, but the style has millions of fans worldwide. The chocolate’s unique taste is synonym with sophistication, and you can experience it in some of our most popular treats, including the gorgeous Absolut Rocky Road cookies!

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Absolut Cookies use  four different kinds of dark chocolate kinds,  Callebaut Belgian 54.5% cacao (semi sweet) and 70% cacao (bitter sweet) chocolates. Cacao Barry 58% cacao (slight bitter) chocolates. Nestle Toll House semi-sweet chocolate chips.