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AC's Ingredients Story 1 - " Dulce de Leche'

Dulce de Leche, the Most Exciting South American Caramel Sauce

Not your average spread, Dulce de Leche is infused with the South American spirit.



Dulce de Leche is one of those ingredients that makes you rethink what you know about confectioneries and sweets. At Absolut Cookies, we use it as a filling on our traditional Alfajores, Latin American sugar cookie sandwiches, and this is quite a spread!


The term Dulce de Leche means milk candy, but it’s more of a milk caramel sauce. Milk and sugar come together over a low flame to become a golden sauce that’s rich and creamy, lusciously sweet and a bit sticky. It’s also often flavored with a dash of vanilla.


Dulce de Leche is huge in Latin America, and they use it for lots of pastries and bakes. Still, we can trace the caramel sauce to Europe. The Spanish have a luscious version of the caramel sauce, and the Portuguese do, too. Even the French know about this secret ingredient — they call it confiture de lait!


What to do with Dulce de Leche? You can use this delightful spread in many creative ways. From topping cupcakes with it to making ice cream, the sky’s the limit! To experience the delicious caramel sauce in its most traditional form, try Absolut Cookies’  Dulce de Leche. Think of the most caramelly cookie sandwiches you’ve tried — well, these are creamier and more decadently sweet! They’re infused with the South American spirit.